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Students Demand Responsibility from Sex Offender
Kim Blessing  |
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승인 2019.05.07  00:51:13
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▲ Campus wall poster posted by Sung Chang-seok. Provided by the KU Board Record Facebook Page

On May 1, ‘A’ (’15, Public Administration), an unnamed student prosecuted for attempted sex offense, was addressed in a campus wall poster posted by Sung Chang-seok (’15, Public Administration). Around April 2016, ‘A’ attempted to take an unauthorized photograph using a spycam in a public space and was caught in the act. He was sentenced a fine on his second trial, and the sentence was finalized in 2018. ‘A’ returned to campus in March of the same year.

In the poster Sung criticizes the Department of Public Administration for its lack of official protocol for limiting and punishing individuals such as ‘A’. He also confronts ‘A’ for silently taking a leave of absence and silently returning two years later. He calls ‘A’ out for being on campus and attending classes “as if nothing had happened”, while several students are expressing anxiety and complaints about his presence. Sung demands ‘A’ to contact him to talk about his case or to publicly express his position, detailing the incident and its outcomes.

On May 2, a group of students from the College of Political Science and Economics posted another campus wall poster in support of Sung’s demand to ‘A’. The poster emphasizes that the community’s silent, passive responses to sex offenses contribute to the idea that such criminal behavior is acceptable. The students signed to help “break this vicious cycle” and “bring more justice into the community” by supporting Sung. 

‘A’’s response to Sung’s poster was put up on May 3. In his response, ‘A’ repeatedly apologizes to the victim and to all the students who are affected by his actions. According to ‘A’, his attempt at illegal filming was the result of academic stress before the midterm exams. He admits that his unexplained, unapologetic return to campus was irresponsible behavior and promises not to engage in public activities that may cause displeasure to his fellow students. 

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