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The First to Establish a Graduate School of AI
Kim Yeojeong  |
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승인 2019.05.06  15:28:50
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With the rapid advancement of technology, it has now become common for people to complete multiple tasks with a few easy mouse clicks. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution has entered the stage of robotics, a significant amount of information has become available through the access of technology. The analysis of big data and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) lie at the heart of this indispensable part of technology where everything has become connected with the help of networking. In order to successfully launch a rocket named the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the utmost level, an engine of AI must be fueled by big data analysis. 

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Korea University (KU) is the first university in Korea to have acknowledged the significance of research in the field of AI, and consequently, it established the Graduate School of AI. Since technical applications that meet daily needs, such as Uber and Airbnb, are also structured based on the big data platform of AI, KU felt the need for further research and development in these fields of study. As a pioneer, KU has determined to provide a great opportunity to nurture talented people who will generate great resources for society in return. 

Since the fall of 2017, the Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning Lab of KU has been discussing the establishment and curriculum of the Graduate School of AI. After two long years of research and investigation, KU has finally been able to present the output of cultivating and training students to become global leaders. The infrastructure and curriculum set by KU have received high marks, proving that it is ready to be presented to the world. 

For instance, this new Graduate School of AI mainly focuses on studies related to deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, automated speech recognition, big data and neural networks, which are considered vital parts of technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, information received from these AI technologies will be integrated into industrial data and produce a new study called AI+X. This newly introduced study will enable health care, intelligent agents, multiplayer interactive games and autonomous vehicles based on AI, which is seen to be a relevant response to changing trends in the future society. 

A special trait that differentiates the Graduate School of AI in KU from other universities is that a global internship is compulsory for students. “Korea University will aim to support more than half of the students to successfully finish a global internship,” commented Professor Lee Seong-Whan (Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering & Computer Science and Engineering). KU’s Graduate School of AI has already formed partnerships with foreign corporations, laboratories and universities to foster competitive human resources. Graduate students have opportunities to do more than three months of internship at famous companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and more to display their capabilities in the era of globalization. 

It is evident that compared to other developed countries, Korea lacks experts in the area of AI. As AI is expected to play a central role in the future, a well-established Graduate School of AI is an opportunity for Korea to play an integral role in the world. This system to assist students with practical experiences will certainly make South Korea a global leader in the industry. KU has reported that starting from late 2019, it will recruit new students for the Graduate School of AI. A promotion fair for students who are interested in this area had already been presented, and now it is time to look forward to the bright future of KU.
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