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We have all gone through those days—days where we had nothing to fear of, giggled at everything we encounter, yet cannot be recaptured—our childhood.

“I remember myself standing at the backstreet where a stationery store was located, with my hands full of cheap toys and junk foods; stationery stores were the best playgrounds in my childhood. Although local stationery stores are gradually disappearing in our neighborhoods, the memories of them are still clear inside my mind.” 
- Choi Ye Ho –
“After living in a city for eight years, I had to say goodbye to my neighborhood friends. It was quite challenging for me to live in the high school dormitory and adjust to the competitive atmosphere. Whenever I had hard times, I thought of memories with my friends at the elementary and middle school.”
“Until now I reflect on that time because then I genuinely enjoyed my time with others, not obsessed with competition or anxiety. I tried to capture the bygone school days in my childhood.”   
- Kim Seung Hye -
“The photos taken attempted to capture fleeting moments in my childhood that will last forever as happy memories. People say that painful memories last longer than joyful ones but I beg to differ; my favorite memories are ones where I am having fun.”
“For people who grew up in my context, I think the characters that I photographed will ring a bell or two. Forcing my parents to buy me happy meals just to get the toys that came with, and crying about not being able to ride the merry-go-round are just some memories that make me smile. People need reminding, once in a while, of the spirit they possessed in their childhood to receive a little “umph” in their present.”
- Kim Sun Min -
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