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승인 2019.05.06  03:54:09
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During the Ipselenti — JiyaHamsung and the Annual Ko-Yon Games, a red sea of students wearing crimson t-shirts and uniforms can be seen. Such clothing representing school pride can be purchased in Korea University's (KU) two official merchandise shops, Crimson Store and Uni Store. Apart from the KU branded apparel, other souvenirs, gifts, accessories and school supplies can also be found. The Granite Tower (GT) selected a few noticeable KU products and interviewed two KU students - Ahn Youn-kyoung ('16, Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering) and Park Jin-sung ('18, Chinese Language and Literature).

GT: Please tell me if you have purchased any of the products sold either in Uni Store or Crimson Store. If you have, which one is your favorite and why?

Ahn: I bought two KU t-shirts for the Annual Ko-Yon Games and KU logo A4 files from Uni Store. I also purchased crimson paper shopping bags, ballpoint pens, KU badges, diaries and tumblers from Crimson Store. I use KU notebooks, A4 files, ballpoint pens and pouches on a daily basis. Among these products, I prefer the shopping bags the most, because they are durable compared to other non-KU shopping bags.

GT: Why are KU products meaningful?

Ahn: Every KU product is unique because they are stamped with the official school logo. I think this can evoke memories and affection for KU alumni, a sense of pride for exchange students, and desire fro young students who wish to attend KU in the future.

GT: Do you think the price of KU products is reasonable?

Ahn: At first, I thought school goods were quite expensive, but when compared to other items sold outside of school, most of our KU goods do not seem too expensive. However, the stationery and tiger doll, which I really want to purchase one day, do seem quite pricey.



"KU Students often use stationery such as pens, notebooks and so on, while young middle school and high school students purchase KU badges to motivate themselves" - Crimson store administrator



GT: Why are KU products meaningful?

Park: I feel proud of my school when I use KU products. Especially, whenever I am outside of school, KU products make me feel a sense of belonging to KU. Once I figured out that the head trainer of the gym in my neighborhood was also a KU alumni. He told me that my jacket with the KU logo made him feel excited. As this incident shows, KU products enhance the bonds between every KU member.

GT: What other KU products do you wish you could buy in the merchandise shops?

Park: I believe more products related to KU sports teams would be beneficial to both students and the school sports teams. My friends in the Department of Physical Education say that students cannot afford KU sports uniforms unless they have an acquitance with KU athletes. If students are given the opportunity to easily gt KU sports teams' replica jerseys by purchasing them through the stores, it would help students to get more interested in KU atheletes.

GT: Do you have any suggestions for the KU merchandise shops?

Park: It would be great to host more promotional events in which students could participate. Moreover, I hope there are a few more stores in more easily accessible locations other than the Central Plaza.

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