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Encouraging People with Growing Pains
Youn Bo Hyun  |
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승인 2019.05.05  18:25:49
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Many people in modern society experience various difficulties. Students study endlessly to achieve their personal goals and adults work hard to gain recognition in their fields. In each of their respective paths of life, many unexpected hardships come crashing down without any signs of warning. Due to those factors, people are sometimes frustrated and may lose their will to continue. In the midst of agony, Rothy combats her growing pains through her music and comforts people by empathizing with their pains.

Rothy is a female artist from Dorothy Company, a music company established by Shin Seung-Hun, one of Korea's legendary ballad singers. Even before her offical debut, she previously released two singles Stars(2017) and Sul-lae(2018). She has also participated in five original sound tracks (OST) for dramas and has gradually gained the attention of the public. She was a hard-worker even before her debut, often referred to as Shin's muse. 

According to an interview with Naver Music, the reason why she has only released two singles and dod not make any TV appearances before her debut was because she sympathized with Shin's advice - that the most important factor for a singer is to capture the audience through one's voice. Therefore, she slowly and steadily demonstrated her ability until her five years of passionate practice finally paid off. Rothy's mini album Shape of Rothy (2018) marked her debut as a singer. The opening song "Burning" is not a ballad like her previous songs but falls within the trpoical house genre, illustrating unlimited interest and ability as a musician.

Her albums reflect her experience overcoming several hardships. Because she was a high school student when she released her first album, he worries as a typical teenager are lucidly captured in her lyrics. In the song "Stars," she talks about the blurry future that people usually face during their adolescence. Because she also had a hard time training to become a singer since middle school, she strongly empathizes with those worries. Furthermore, she offers some solutions suggested by her long training period in her lyrics. 

As she turned 21 this year, Rothy portrays growing pains and the nameless longings of young adults through her music. These include trouble with love, boundless worries for the future, and concerns about her own musical ability. However, she alwyas encourages people through her voice, saying the same advice all the time: Find yourself on your own, and do not just blindly follow others' words. She comforts us by singing the lyrics "We are doing well now."

Although the young artist has been mainly limited to ballads to this point, she mentions that she is ready to expand her music and try various genres. Her recent album Blossom Flower (2019) was released on January 30, 2019. Because she is growing both as a singer and a young adult, many years of opportunities and worries lie before her. However, as she done to this point, she not only understand those problems but also encourage the public with her voice, delivering her personal advice regarding integrity. 


▲ Rothy's First Single Stars
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