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2019 Spring Student Representative Meeting Held
Kim Ye Eun  |
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승인 2019.04.16  16:19:00
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ President of KUSU discussing the agenda. Photographed by Kim Ye Eun
On April 14, 2019 Spring Student Representative Meeting was held at 4.18 Memorial Hall on 01:00 P.M. The Student Representative Meeting was commenced with 84 out of 100 participants present for the meeting.

The President of Korea University Student Union (KUSU) first brought up big branches of agendas for discussion. Among these agendas, participants focused on several educational goals the Division of Education Policy is attempting to reach, such including the increasing number of courses. Participates discussed student representatives’ and KUSU’s specific role in providing an insufficient number of courses.

Head of the Division of Education Policy pointed out that it is difficult to legislate effective educational policies as the policies are ultimately implemented by the school. Thereby, the items related to educational policies may be the same from those of past KUSUs. Yet, President of the KUSU also emphasized that this repetition also proves how important it is for all members of the KU community to focus on this issue in unison. The agenda was passed with 80 participants' vote for approval. 

Another notable agenda was the former KUSU’s violation of the school regulations; lack of the student union fee that should be carried forward from last semester. President and Vice President of the former KUSU, Kim Tae Gu (’12, Business School) and Hong Ji Soo (’15, Health Science) were present to provide further explanations on the incident. Former President Kim explained that due to unprecedented matters such as the hunger strike, it was difficult to leave a sufficient amount of student union fee. He apologized for the violation.

To prevent similar situations, current President of the KUSU, Kim Ka-young (’13, Life Sciences) stated that they would recurrently check budgets and expenditures, designating three people for budget management. The agenda on the violation of school regulations by former KUSU’s was later withdrawn.

Except for the archiving issue of the Library in the Student Union Building, the agenda to introduce internet archiving system to amend inefficient and passive student union data registering process were all approved. Spring Student Representative Meeting successfully ended at 4:00 A.M. on April 15. 

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