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Eureka—Yet Another Page to Be Turned
Lee Hyun Ji  |
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승인 2019.03.24  22:24:09
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While students recharge from their post-holiday blues, the editorial team of The Granite Tower (GT) gets back into the grind trying our best to inform the public swiftly and transparently as watchdogs of society. In welcoming another semester ahead of us, the March issue of GT has been entitled eureka, the famous interjection attributed to Archimedes. By doing so, we endeavor to capture the eureka moments of new discoveries, new beginnings, and new hopes, both within our campus border and communities around us.
With a newly elected president, our reporter delved into the matter of the recent election procedure and upcoming projects for the school. Besides, the reporters have also attempted to encapsulate the rising safety concerns, and subsequently the countermeasures, surrounding escape rooms; draw the fine line between speculation and investment, after the heated controversies over recent allegations of real estate speculation; and bring fresh insights to the future prospects of the emerging hydrogen economy.
Moreover, the Cover Story probes into the culture of abuse and litany of sexual assaults within the sports community. As drastic times call for drastic measures, it is perhaps the optimal moment to recall and analyze the rights and wrongs of the past. It serves as a reminder that in order to root out such practices of corruption and violence, responsibility is to be shared by every organ of society.
Although unfortunate issues have been dominating headlines, we hope these past failures amend into stepping stones toward success, and light up eureka moments for a better change. Likewise, we hope all subscribers of GT spend this upcoming semester continuing to refine past goals and execute ambitions that have been put off. As they say, the new year brings with it a rejuvenating fresh start.
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