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The Eureka of 1000 Won
Choi Hyowon  |
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승인 2019.03.24  19:56:20
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There is a full breakfast meal that costs only 1,000 won in Korea University (KU)? On November 11, 2018, the “maeumdeundeun morning” program was initiated by KU PRIDE CLUB for students to start their day with a nice affordable breakfast. It invites every student who tends to spend a busy morning and often misses the most important meal of the day. The program was originally planned to last for only two months, but unexpected success led to students demanding its extension to 2019. In high hopes that students will continuously be provided with a quality breakfast, more interests are required.

“Maeumdeundeun morning” was first launched at the Student Union Building, which is located at the Liberal Arts and Humanities Campus. As the title of the program goes, the idea behind it was to provide students to have a fine breakfast at a low price. It also provides a quality breakfast by having the fixed cost is 4,000 won, but the KU PRIDE CLUB decided to sponsor 3,000 won to make it even more affordable.
This whole idea began when Shin Young Soo, the Senior Administrative Officer of Development and External Affairs and the founder of the program, wanted to provide KU students a hearty meal. In fact, the idea of providing a meal for 1,000 won has been practiced among many other universities but making the balance between the low price and the good quality of the meal troubled many. In the case of KU, heartwarming support from the KU alumni allowed the program to kill two birds with one stone.
▲ Breakfast from the program. Provided by
There is more to this program than just delicious yet low-priced food. According to Shin, the program has also increased sponsorship from the younger generations of the alumni. Just by donating 10,000 won, they would be buying their three junior colleagues a meal. In keeping the tradition of a senior buying a meal for a junior, the alumni were more willing to donate. The fact that a single program that is well planned can extend its influence beyond the current KU students shows how successful and meaningful it is.
Despite the positive effect the 1,000 won project had, there were parts where modifications could be made. For example, the cafeteria at the Science and Engineering Campus only had a one-hour duration for students to have a breakfast. That was because there were difficulties when a contract was made with Samsung Welstory, the company that offers a catering service and a subsidiary of the Samsung C&T Corporation. Shin added, “the process of renegotiating could have taken place, but we wanted to provide students with a good breakfast as soon as possible.” Reminding the students that the program in 2018 was only a trial, he is planning on solving this problem when the program becomes permanent.
▲ Breakfast from the program. Provided by
The 1,000 won breakfast program was possible because the founder was passionate and sincere about the well being of KU students. In response to good reviews, Shin is attempting to make a thorough systematic attendance check and lower the price even more by hopefully getting funds from the Ministry of Education.
One ambition that has been around for a while is finding what it takes to please the needs of the fellow students. The program not only provided KU its name on the list of quality foods of universities in Korea, but also the opportunity for the alumni to help take care of their school. With love and interest from KU students, such programs need to continue for the better welfare for future students.
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