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Politician Sim Sang-jung Visits KU
Kim Sung Kyung  |
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승인 2019.03.22  09:36:15
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▲ Politician Sim Sang-jung giving a lecture. Photographed by Kim Sung Kyung
On March 21, the Justice Party student committee of Korea University (KU) and the official fan club of politician Sim Sang-jung, ‘Sim Crush’ invited Sim Sang-jung, a member of the 20th National Assembly, the former leader of the Justice Party and presidential candidate, to give a lecture on youth politics and the much needed reform in South Korea’s current electoral system.
Sim Sang-jung started off her lecture with her personal experience as a member of the National Assembly and presidential candidate and the hardships she has encountered. She went on to express her opinion on some pressing issues regarding South Korea’s politics. She expressed her concern on how many minor parties are not given a voice when many aspire to improve the lives of the people. Regarding youth participation in politics, Sim Sang-jung proposed to abolish the age requirement of recruitment for political party affiliation.
The lecture ended with a powerful message; “If there is no room for growth for minor parties, politics would not change, and the lives of people will not improve either.” The Justice Party student committee of KU is hosting a series of special lectures on progressive politics for the following months of April and May.
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