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Duty Free Festival at π-Ville 99
Kim Sung Kyung  |
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승인 2019.03.16  15:28:03
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▲ Students enjoying the flea market at π-Ville 99. Photographed by Kim Sung Kyung

On March 14, the Korea University (KU) π-ville Student Operation Committee held a one-day festival named DUTY FREE to commemorate pi day at π-Ville 99. The event was named DUTY FREE hoping to make π-Ville 99 a place where everyone can feel free from work and duty. A flea market, exhibition, event booths, and an eco-friendly café were open for students to enjoy for the day.

The DUITY FREE flea market showcased arts and craft products, baked goods, and clothing to be sold at affordable prices. The eco café also provided free coffee for those who brought their own tumblers. The exhibition “Why Not” held at the top floor of π-Ville 99 displayed artworks and photo booths all done by KU students. Free eco-friendly cotton bags were given to students who participated in the festival and promoted it through social media.


The festival was meant to promote the idea of trying “what you want” instead of “what to do” for the new semester. The π-ville Student Operation Committee is planning to host fun events as such on Pi Day annually. 

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