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Teaching How to Handle Basic Equipment-Handy Sewing Machine
Kim Ye Eun  |
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승인 2019.01.24  21:59:57
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▲ Instructor Jo Teaching How to Use a Sewing Machine. Photographed by Kim Ye Eun

On January 24, a two-hour training session on handling sewing machines was held at the Korea University (KU) Maker’s Space (X-Garage#1). Located in Innovation Hall, KU Maker’s Space provides a place for KU students and faculties to make any object they desire.

Training started with a brief introduction of the instructor Jo Junhee, who is a project director at the Hardware accelerator company named N15. Jo explained that N15 has conducted the Maker’s Space project for four years and has also provided the education required. Since utilizing equipments without firsthand experience might be dangerous, Jo addressed a few safety rules before the practice. He first gave a demonstration on how to make embroidery and showed the correct way of putting the yarn inside the household sewing machine. Then, all KU students got a chance to operate the machine on their own.

About the question on why becoming familiar with various equipments in the KU Maker’s Space is especially important for students, Jo pointed out that all equipments in KU Maker's Space are those mainly used for making product prototypes. “These equipments are not very hard to use” he added, explaining that through KU Maker’s Space, “students are given chances to turn their creative ideas into real products.” Jo showed strong belief in that such usage will bring optimistic outcomes. 
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