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A Dispute Over the Reporting of Human Rights Week Booth
Lee Che Yeon  |
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승인 2018.11.08  00:04:08
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▲ The campus wall poster requiring apology from the student union. Provided by KU Board Record Facebook page.

On October 30, the Student Union of the College of Political Science and Economics (PSE) opened a booth named “Those Days, for Us,” which held a few related activities aimed to publicize violations of adolescents’ human rights. One of the tasks included writing down the incidents that the participants felt their adolescent rights were violated, in a diary form. The student union then reported the activities by posting some of the responses in their Facebook page, one of which included terms such as Hannam. It was then met with fierce opposition, which led to the student union to delete the post and upload an apology.


A student in the Department of Political Science and International Relations expressed opposition through a campus wall poster that the initial apology was focused on emphasizing that the diaries were not written by the student union. Furthermore, he commented that the response did not contain any productive discussion regarding violations of human rights and argued that its content deprecated, not criticized, the entire male population. He required the student union to rewrite the apology and post it online and offline.


As a result, the Vice President of the College of PSE posted an apology through the campus wall poster. He stated that he should not have posted such expression and promised to stipulate a manual for managing the student union’s official Facebook page with a new filtering criteria. He added that the union will carefully consider the content before posting an apology and try its best to not repeat such actions. 

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