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Choi Hyowon  |
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승인 2018.11.04  22:50:47
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With some exceptions, every dream comes with sleepless nights and endless efforts from the individuals who crave to achieve it. Unfortunately, these hard endeavors are often overshadowed by the result of one’s achievement. Although the results are important, the process of reaching it is just as important. The real-life lessons actually come mostly from untold stories of how certain individuals became successful. Therefore, The Granite Tower (GT) was curious to find out what really goes on behind the scenes of performers in Korea University (KU) before they shine on stage.

Han Donghoon (’18, Health Policy and Management)
During the break, I had dance practice sessions three times a week. The club I am in, Korea University Dance Team (KUDT), requires everyone to learn a certain street dance style. Therefore, I worked hard to learn the basics of waacking over the vacation. Currently, I am preparing myself to perform in the Annual Ko-Yon Games. I have official club practice twice a week and even have practices late at night with my fellow dancers. It is an arduous process preparing for the stage, but every practice makes us feel we are getting closer to the dream stage.

Shin Dong Hyeok (’17, Education)
KUDT is, I believe, to be one of the many clubs that work hard to make a perfect stage. Every dance strategy, concept and song choice is planned by our senior members. Therefore, our time and efforts are melted in every dance move and this gives an extraordinary feeling on stage when we perform. My most memorable performance was at Ipselenti –Jiya Hamsung. We had to make and direct a performance that lasted for about five to six minutes for over 30 dancers. Tuning our dance moves for this many people is not at all an easy process. Despite the rigorous practices, the idea of performing in front of countless people always gave me the strength to carry on.

Lee Hee Jin (’16, Food Bioscience and Technology)
In Soulmate, a vocal club I was a part of, three or four people do not just come together and choose a song to perform. We have to rearrange a new structure of the piece and make chords along with it. However, since everyone has different vocal ranges, it is important to schedule practice times despite the differences in majors. Moreover, when choosing a song, it is crucial to divide parts that can show unique characteristics of different members of the group. In order to receive further spotlight, we choose songs that have enticing melodies and leave the climax part to the best singer. Although we are vocalists, we add little dance moves to jazz or hip-hop songs for an element of fun on the stage. 

Jeon Yoon Ji (’15, Home Economics Education)
I have always loved singing in front of an audience. That is why I try to perform on stage whenever there is an opportunity for me. The process of choosing the song is the best part in Soulmate as I get to imagine what kind of stage I will make with my teammates. However, imagination is not the same as reality. For example, for amateurs, it is hard to include harmonies and ad-libs; therefore, at first, we were not at the level to even perform. After tireless practices, the happiest moment is when we finally give our best performance with songs of the best quality that we have prepared for a long time. Every complaint and restless day goes away with the satisfaction that we successfully delivered our performance.
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