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2018 Ko-Yon Ice Hockey Game Ends in a Victory for KU
Kim Yeojeong  |
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승인 2018.10.05  20:55:42
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▲ KU and YU are having a fierce competition. Photographed by Kim Yeojeong.


Korea University (KU) beat Yonsei University (YU) in the Annual Ko-Yon Ice Hockey Game where KU scored two goals while YU scored one. It was a thrilling victory in four years for KU Ice Hockey team. The game was held on October 5 in the Mokdong Ice Rink.

The game started in the center circle with a face off. In the eighth minute, Oh In-Soo (’18, YU) received a tripping penalty and after six minutes, Lee Ju-Hyung (’17, YU) and Kim Dae-Hyun (’18, Physical Education) received another penalty. Both teams went through a fierce competition but the first period ended in 0-0. YU started off the second period passing the puck very speedily; before a minute passes, Cho Ji-Hyun (’15, YU) headed the team for the lead making the score 1-0. After a short break, the third period came to a start and this time, KU took the first chance to make a pass. YU carried out fierce attacks, however, KU’s goalie Shim Hyun-Seop (’16, Physical Education) defended his team against YU with several super saves. In the 18th minute, Lee Jae-Hee (’16, Physical Education) scored an equalizer and boosted the team’s mood. Taking an upturn, Kim Si-Young (’17, Physical Education) scored the winning goal with eight seconds left. Final score: KU 2-1 YU.

KU Ice Hockey team showed an extraordinary teamwork from the start with commitment and determination of each players. The seamless communication made the players to assist each other, and most of all, the cheers from KU audience willed the team to stand against the aggressive play of YU. When the game ended, everyone in the stadium gave an applauds for all the players who played their best. With a warm handshake among the players, the last match of the first day ended in joy.

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