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More than a Color, RED
Choi Ye Ho  |
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승인 2018.09.21  20:56:38
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“Crimson red symbolizes vitality and passion, embodying Korea University (KU)’s academic traditions and nature,” states KU’s official introduction regarding its school color. Red symbolizes good energy such as ardor, love, and activeness. Crimson red inspires KU students in particular to feel their school pride in September, when the Annual Ko-Yon Games are held. However, the color red also has negative connotations – warning, prohibition, danger, lies – that might bring up bad memories. Since red can be perceived in so many different ways, The Granite Tower (GT) asked four KU students, “what was the reddest experience in your life?”

Choi Ji-yoon (’16, Business Administration)

My experience as a member Yeoul, KU’s official student ambassadors, is the reddest moment. The years I spent with Yeoul could be represented with “hotness” and “intensity” that revitalized my life. While representing our school, I felt a sense of belonging and pride. I could interact with a lot of people and also I learned the importance of living intensely. Furthermore, since the activity took up a large part of my college life, every moment is strongly engraved on my memory. As a high school student, I participated in the KU tour, and since then I had dreamed of becoming a member of Yeoul. This made me feel more inspired when I was actually selected as an ambassador. Moreover, my speaking skills improved while I served as an ambassador. I believe my experiences as a member of Yeoul will work as a firm footing for the rest of my college life.

Hong Ye-pyo (’18, Chinese Language and Literature)

Red is one of my favorite colors. The blazing image of red reminds me of ardor and power. There were two noticeable milestones in my life when I strongly felt fire-like fervor. The first one was during my high school career. Since I did not put much effort studying in middle school, I believed working harder than my fellow schoolmates at high school was the only way to keep up with the others. The second point was my recent days as a trainee of the Korea University Broadcasting Station (KUBS). I learned a lot of things from this activity by channeling my energy into it. Creating my own works and being evaluated by senior staff make me feel glad, because working in the broadcasting industry has always been a dream of mine. Red stands for the heart that I poured into my high school years and the passion that I will continue to exhibit in KUBS. Such energy will act as the stepping stone in becoming the person I desire to be one day.

Jeon Min-ju (’16, Nursing)


I have always presented myself to others as someone who fits well with the color red. Red represents my passionate personality, which is hot enough to change the temperature around me. However, red also implies danger, and I realized this fact after my freshman days. While I was overly-conscious and struggling with my outward appearance, I realized that since I left my hometown, I had been barely hanging onto my unfamiliar life at Seoul. At one point in my life, I felt as if the red embers in my heart had all been turned into ashes leaving nothing behind. Complete rest was necessary for me, as I discovered that my false passion was ruining myself as well as those around me. I chose to take time off from school and during that period, it was a hard process, but I tried to examine myself genuinely. At the end of the break, I figured out that perfection does not exist in the first place. Red is the first color of the rainbow. However, I realized it is impossible to make a rainbow shine with only red. Just like how other hues make a rainbow complete, I believe that the various colors painted on my life’s margins make my life truly beautiful.     


Choi Min-kyu (’14, English Language and Literature)


The few years that I have spent in KU dyed my life red, leaving behind red-stained memories. From those years, the most impressive moment was my first Annual Ko-Yon Games when I was a freshman in the year of 2014. The electrifying emotion I felt from the instant of stepping into the stadium still remains as an indelible memory. The Jamsil Sports Complex was completely filled with red and blue waves along with the roars of the two schools in rivalry. I felt unified with other students while I put my arms around the red crowd and cheered for KU. At that time, KU won all five games for the first time ever in history, and I believe the red cheers inspired the athletes. I long for KU to show its red energy in the upcoming Annual Ko-Yon Games, just like they did in 2014.



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