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Solution Proposed for the Core General Studies Course Registration Issue
Lee Che Yeon  |
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승인 2018.03.06  20:44:55
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During the course registration period for the 2018 Spring semester, the core general studies course registration quota for each grade was ignored due to a systematic error in the course registration program. As a result, the number of juniors and seniors who register before freshmen and sophomores, registered in core general studies courses far exceeded that of their respective quotas. The remaining freshmen and sophomore students were left with significantly little or no seats, ultimately forced to tweak or entirely change their initial registration plans. To minimize the damage, the Office of General Education met with the professors of each core general studies course.
On March 5, the Korea University Student Union (KUSU) reported the outcome of the meeting meeting through their Facebook page. With the exception of Professor Lee Sang-Geun who teaches Language and the Human Mind, all the professors replied that they found it difficult to increase the registration quota. Therefore instead of increasing the quota, core general studies courses professors, except for Professor Lee, agreed to accept freshmen, sophomores and juniors if seniors drop the course during the course registration change period. Crime and Society, helmed by Professor Hong Young-gi stands as the sole exception in that only freshmen and juniors can vie for the vacancies left by seniors.
On the Office of General Education’s action regarding this issue, Lee Jung Hyun (‘17, Division of International Studies) said, “As much as the issue confounds both the professors and students, communication between the professors and the student body is important.” He also added that this issue must be thoroughly investigated in order to prevent similar incidents in the future.
Update: On March 7, KUSU canceled their original announcement due to the argument of the Office of Information & Computing that the proposed solution is impossible to implement in the current course registration system. Therefore, if any vacancies are created, anyone regardless of their grade can register for the class. 



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