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2018 Tuition Fee Revision Committee Comes to an End
Song Yeonsoo  |
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승인 2018.02.09  13:52:23
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The 2018 Korea University (KU) Special Tuition Fee Revision Committee has concluded its fifth and last discussion regarding the operation of the tuition fee. As a result, they have announced the following results in each of the five categories regarding the tuition fees of the foreign students, the lowering of the tuition fees for the students, the support of the school foundation, the experimentation and curriculum fee management and student welfare.
Starting off with foreign students’ tuition fee, the school administration resolved to increase the fee by five percent, starting with the freshmen of 2018. The rest of the foreign students would pay the previous fee. Despite inciting much controversy, the agenda was passed. As for the rest of the KU students, it was decided that the school would lower admission fees by 16 percent each year over the course of five years. Moreover, an additional 6 billion won will be paid by the school foundation as transferred money. Other adjustments such as the clear guideline management of experiment budgets were made.

Overall, the discussion between the school administration and the student committee members was intense and as a result produced some significant operation manuals for the tuition fee. However, one of the drawbacks from the discussions was that the Special Committee failed to make much headway concerning the increase of tuition fees for foreign students. Regarding this matter, the Special Committee stated that it “strongly opposes the administration’s increase of the foreign students’ fees without a specific plan.” The student body stressed that student should continue to take interest in the management of tuition fees even after the committee’s discussions. 

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