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School Administration Overturns Decision to Replace Manual Laborers
Kim Min Young  |
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승인 2018.01.31  12:14:13
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On January 30, the school administration agreed to continue hiring manual workers from C&S Asset Management Company (CNSAMC), who work eight hours, instead of replacing ten CNSAMC-employed retirees with new manual laborers who work for three hours. Since the administration already entered into a contract with the new employer Kobi, which provided the school with the three hour workers, Kobi workers are scheduled to leave the school later in July or August when their initial contract expires.
This announcement arrived following the Provisional Student Representative Meeting on January 28, during which Korea University (KU) student representatives agreed to support the manual laborers’ struggle. Shortly after the meeting, the KU Student Union (KUSU) introduced a resolution signed by all student representatives that officially promised to protect manual laborers in KU against cost reduction and strengthened labor intensity, and KU students against the deterioration of the educational environment. In light of the new development, KUSU ABLE expressed its wish that the manual laborers’ victory in KU could inspire those of other universities. 
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