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ABLE Elected as the 50th KUSA
Song Yeonsoo  |
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승인 2017.12.08  20:50:20
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▲ Vote counting held on December 7. Photographed by Song Yeonsoo.
ABLE has been elected as the 50th Korea University Student Association (KUSA) therefore entitled to take office when no farther objections are raised until December 10. The two candidates Kim Tae Gu (’12, Business Administration) and Hong Ji Su (’15, Health Policy and Management) have in total gained 5,458 votes of consent out of the 7,353 ballots cast, which makes 74.23 percent of those who cast their votes. Throughout the election, 37.43 percent of the KU students had voted as of December 7, which has slightly increased from last year’s voting rate of 35.03 percent.
Voting for the next KUSA had taken place for the past three days, each day lasting from 9:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. with both online and offline booths throughout the campus. Along with the termination of the voting, the counting of the votes began at around 9 P.M. in the grand auditorium of the 4.18 Memorial Hall on December 7.
Lee Seung Jun (’11, Psychology), the 49th President of KUSA and the Chairman of the Central Election Management Commission, read each official figure out to the crowd, making sure the boxes containing the polls were rightfully placed on the opening table. The opening happened in rightful and concise orders with Lee pointing out and demonstrating to the crowd the clean poll boxes. The opening of the votes officially started by opening polls from the first floor of the Woodang Hall.
The event concluded with the final words of the KUSA President-elects Kim and Hong. Kim stated, “I felt so much support from just looking at the results. Every vote as well as blank ballots cast spoke to me as the thoughts and voices of the students. I will try hard to bring good results for 2018 with our team, ABLE.”
With no objections raised for their running until December 10, whether they will make 2018 a year well run by their election pledges will then be in their hands.
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