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“Let My Voice be Heard"—An Open-Discussion on Content Creation
Jung Migeun  |
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승인 2017.11.23  22:39:11
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ An open-discussion on content creation held at the π-Ville 99. Photographed by Jung Migeun.
On November 23, an open-discussion on content creation was held at the auditorium located in the π-Ville 99. This event, hosted by Korea University (KU) π-Ville Student Service Seminar Team, aimed to provide an agora in which students can share their own knowledge and experience on the topic.  
A number of speakers presented their ordeals and achievements as content creators, including Min Ji Young (’16, Korean Language and Literature) from the KU Broadcasting Station (KUBS), Choi Hye Rim (’12, History) from Blimey, one of KU’s content creation team, and Sim Chang Min (’12, History) from YooYaaMooYaa Pictures Production.
The student creators shared similar concerns in having insufficient budget for production, equipment, and supplies, as well as difficulties in casting actors. Lee Yong Je (’13, Korean Language and Literature), a member of YooYaaMooYaa, stated, “It is hard for us to tryout filming web-dramas of various genres because only romantic dramas get the public’s attention. Other genres would not grab much attention at first glance, unless we get to cast popular actors. Frankly speaking, we do not have enough capital to make that happen at the current stage.”

The discussion ended with the participants’ consensus on the need of the school’s active support for its student creators. As a final remark, Sim added, “Since we are all students, we unavoidably face financial obstacles in producing high-quality outputs. We would be grateful if KU gives enough assistance as much as it encourages its students. However, no matter what the circumstances are, we will try our best as content creators.” A video of this event will be uploaded on KU π-Ville website for the ones who wished to join, but have missed the opportunity.    

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