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Doubts on KU Bamboo Forest Spread on Campus
Kim Jeong Ho  |
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승인 2017.11.14  18:54:53
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▲ KU Bamboo Forest page’s profile picture. Provided by KU Bamboo Forest.

On November 10, an anonymous post uploaded at the Korea University (KU) Bamboo Forest Facebook Page outraged people in and out of KU. The submission, which starts with the sentence “I hope that academic elitism gets more intensified,” soon stirred the readers. Not only it was faced with a number of rebuttal, the post was publicized in other major press. With this post as a trigger, disputes over the existence of KU Bamboo Forest began to rise on campus.  

“Even though the KU Bamboo Forest is said to represent the voices of KU students, its managers cannot perfectly approve his or her identity of being a KU student. Posts which shame KU are creeping up. Do we really just have to keep being sneered at?” an anonymous author with the nickname of “Erika Kim”, said in exasperation in a post on Koreapas.

The key characteristics of the page—anonymity and representativeness—inevitably lead to conflicts between the students. Hiding behind the anonymity, posts which attempt to get people’s attention and arouse strong emotions of the subscribers are persistently being uploaded. Although the managers of the page work as moderators to filter out such irrational posts, the filtering function does not seem work properly with the recent posts. Skepticisms about KU Bamboo Forests are constantly proposed and even voices about abolishing the page are gaining support among the users of Koreapas.

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