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2018 Student Association Election Period Begins
Kim Min Young  |
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승인 2017.11.09  22:16:11
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▲ Provided by the KU Election Committee.
The election period for the new leaders of the Korea University (KU) has begun. On November 1, the Central Election commission of KU officially announced the schedule of the 50th Korea University Student Association (KUSA) election.
The reserved candidate registration was carried out between November 2 to 6. The recommendations and the official registration of candidates need to be completed until November 17. The official election campaign will take place from November 22 to December 4. The candidates are expected to present their public pledges with further content during this period. The students will be able to vote during the next three days, from December 5 to 7.
Able is the sole reserved candidate contending for the upcoming KUSA election. Kim Tae Gu (’12, Business School) is running for the presidency and Hong Ji Soo (’15, Health Science) is his running mate. Kim Tae Gu and Hong Ji Soo have served as the vice president and the president of their majors respectively. The name of the team Able represents their core ideology of “making results transcending possibility and potential.”
Able has planned out a set of public pledges before being registered as an official candidate. The first pledge concerns abolishing the entrance fee system and reducing tuition. The second addresses the problems related to dormitories, and the third is the reestablishment of the Academic Affairs Committee. Lastly, they promised to expand the projects and discourses on human rights into students’ everyday life. 
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