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The Spirit of Volunteering Work Shines in KU
Kim Jeong Ho  |
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승인 2017.11.08  00:33:08
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▲ KU-V Festival at the People’s Square. Photographed by Kim Jeong Ho

On November 7, the first Korea University Volunteers (KU-V) Festival was held at the People’s Square. Hosted by the KU Social Service Organization (KUSSO) and sponsored by a professional golfer Chun In-gee (’13, School of Global Sport Studies) KU-V Festival has made a successful debut.

KUSSO introduced the purpose of the event, “KU-V Festival was held in the hope that various institutions, volunteering clubs, and KU students can get to know each other and seek for a chance of cooperation. From this year’s KU-V Festival, we hope that KU students are provided with opportunities to take part in various volunteering activities, which would ultimately lead to continuous sharing.”
Seventeen external organizations, twelve volunteering clubs, and four sponsoring companies engaged in the festival and hosted booths of various kinds. The Seongbuk-gu Volunteer Center held an intriguing booth called “Make Cotton Candies with Bicycles.” The participants cycled to generate electricity, and with the stored energy, the staffs made cotton candies for them. The KU-V Festival successfully fulfilled its goal of attracting more students to the field of volunteering. 
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