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KU Places Second in the 2017 Korea Ice Hockey League
Song Yeonsoo  |
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승인 2017.10.10  16:48:07
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▲ The KU ice hockey team in a group huddle during the Annual Ko-Yon Game. Photographed by Park Tae In.
Korea University (KU) failed to haul the throne of the 2017 Korea Ice Hockey League finals by losing as 0 to 5 against the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps (KAFAC). The grand finale pinning down the ultimate winner of this year’s league was held on October 9, at the Mokdong Ice Rink.
The game kicked off with a continuation of back and forth tension between the two teams. KU’s Lee Jun Ho (’15, Physical Education, F) and Kim Se Hyung (’15, Physical Education, F) have tried numerous times to connect their plays to goals, but each attempt had slightly diverted from the goal post. Additionally, Lee Yeon Seung (’14, Physical Education, GK) has shown outstanding blocking of the goals, preventing further score gaps from taking place.
However, KAFAC started to take a clear lead due to KU’s frequent penalties. Moreover, KAFAC’s tight defense and powerful shoots led to their scores without much difficulty. KAFAC’s highly anticipated player Shin Sang Hoon (KAFAC, F) has taken the spotlight of the game. Three of the five shoots were scored by Shin himself in each of the three periods.
Losing 0 to 5, KU’s unstoppable stride of winning the four previous games in a row has been put to an end. KAFAC was evidently a strong opponent for KU. Thus, the KU ice hockey was to return home with the title of being second in the league, regaining the team’s honor from the defeat of the 2017 Annual Ko-Yon Games.
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