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2017 Annual Ko-Yon Games: Total Annihilation of KU
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승인 2017.10.02  23:07:30
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Korea University (KU) lost against Yonsei University (YU) in baseball, the first game of the 2017 Annual Ko-Yon Games, with the final score of 4-5. Despite KU’s lead in the first inning by two points by Kang Seung Nam (’12, Physical Education, Outfielder) followed by a neck-and-neck match, YU eventually secured a victory, setting the tone for the rest of the Games.


After coming so close to a tie when Kang Joon Hyuk (’17, Physical Education, Infielder) and Lee Dong Young (’16, Physical Education, Outfielder) each scored a point for KU, YU bounced right back and claimed a comeback win by scoring a total of five points during the fourth, fifth, and seventh period.





To many KU students’ dismay, KU Basketball Team suffered a crushing defeat at the 2017 Annual Ko-Yon Basketball Game with the final score of 73-83. The game kicked off with YU scoring a two-point shoot. KU seemed to take the lead when Jeon Hyun Woo (’15, Physical Education, F) scored a three-point shoot, which was immediately followed by Kim Nak Hyun’s (’14, Physical Education, G) another three-pointer.


Things only got worse afterwards, however, especially when Jeon Hyun Woo was carried out of the court with a severe leg pain in the middle of the third quarter. KU players were never able to catch up with YU throughout the entire game. Consequently, the game ended with YU scoring 83, easily beating KU with a 10-point lead.




Ice Hockey 


Yet again, KU’s Ice Hockey Team was soundly defeated by YU in the 2017 Annual Ko-Yon Ice Hockey Game, with the final score of 5-1. Right off the bat, the first period started with players on both teams furiously tussling over the control of the puck. However, YU soon dominated the flow of the game, not letting go of the puck and aggressively pushing for KU’s goal post.

The second period played out better than the first period for KU at first, but the tide quickly turned when Kim Byung Gun (’16, YU, RW) scored a point seven minutes into the second period and Cho Ji Hyun (’15, YU, LW) took advantage of the power play, scoring another goal. With the game completely under YU’s control at this point, its victory was in the bag after another goal by Lee Joo Hyung (‘17, YU, CF). KU’s Choi Jin Woo (’16, Physical Education, RD) did succeed in scoring a goal, but it was too late to reverse the final result of the game.

As expected, YU’s Rugby Team beat KU by 26-21, adding another humiliating loss for KU. YU scored first, with Maeng Min Young (’14, YU, No.8) ravaging through the field for a try. Kang Won Jae (’14, YU, Hooker) succeeded in making a try at the 26-minute mark, putting KU in a tight spot. KU then made a successful attempt at earning a try, and Son Min Ki (’16, Physical Education, Flanker) scored a conversion kick as well.

Though the tide has turned in favor of YU again when Kim Jin Hwan (’14, YU, Lock) made it through a try and a conversion kick, KU’s Han Koo Min (’14, Physical Education, S.O) managed to pave the way for Son Min Ki to attempt a try and a conversion kick. This boosted KU’s morale, prompting Choi Mun Hyuk (’15, Physical Education, Flanker) to barge through YU’s defense, but it was not enough to make much of a difference on the scoreboard.

KU failed its last shot at redemption, losing the 2017 Annual Ko-Yon Soccer Game with
the final score of 1-2. Suffering five losses and zero wins, this marked an unprecedented defeat for KU in the history of the Annual Ko-Yon Games. There was a deadlock throughout the first half, as both KU and YU showed stable defense, cutting off each other's advances. Song Beom Geun (’16, Physical Education, GK), KU's goalkeeper, played a major role during the stalemate, repeatedly fending off YU's attacks.

However, this back-and-forth came to an end at the second half, as YU began to dominate the field. Roughly ten minutes into the second half, a kick from a YU player changed the score to 0-1, dashing any lingering hope for KU’s comeback win. Despite KU player Cho Young Ook’s (’17, Physical Education, FW) unexpected header three minutes before the game ended, YU scored yet again during the extended round, leaving KU students speechless in a sea of blue erupting in joy.


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