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KU’s Defeat in the 2017 College Basketball League Finals
Song Yeonsoo  |
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승인 2017.09.27  08:40:38
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▲ KU and YU in the first round of the 2017 College Basketball League Finals. Photographed by Lee Hyun Ji.
On September 26, a basketball rival match was held at the Korea University (KU) Hwajeong Tiger Dome. Competing in the first round of the 2017 College Basketball League’s finals were KU, who ranked first in the regular basketball league, and Yonsei University (YU), who ranked third. This year marks the fourth year in which the two universities have competed with one another for the throne of the champion.
One of the most remarkable plays was carried out by the highly anticipated, KU’s Kim Nak Hyun (’14, Physical Education, G) during the first quarter when he successful dribbled past the tight defense of the YU guards and connected the dribble to a shoot that widened the gap between the two teams. Kim’s leadership in the court had gifted the audience with a gratifying series of shoots. Park Jun Yung (’15, Physical Education, F) also scored several three pointers despite YU’s intense blockings. The first half of the game ended in a tie, with both teams scoring 36 each.
The other half of the game was marked by the teamwork between YU’s Heo Hun (’14, YU, G) and Park Ji Won (’17, YU, G). Their collaborative plays had shined through as the match continued. The two guards were highly accurate in their moves to the point that they had both seemed almost choreographed. Their plays had led the YU team jump from 36 to the final 83 points.
Although KU had lost the match by scoring the final 57 points up to the last quarter, the game was full of some intense moments that did not let the audience down until the final buzzer went off. The second round will be held on August 27, while will eventually decide whether they will make it to the third.
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