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KU Defeated in the 2017 Ko-Yon Ice Hockey Game
Kim Min Young  |
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승인 2017.09.22  20:34:06
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▲ The Ko-Yon Ice Hockey Match. Photographed by Kim Jeong Ho.
Korea University (KU) was defeated by Yonsei University (YU) by 5-1 in Ice Hockey at the 2017 Annual Ko-Yon Game, held in Mokdong Ice Rink, on September 22, 5:00 P.M. The result could not disprove the notion that KU was traditionally considered to be weak in ice hockey, and only managing a tie of 3-3 last year after 2015’s loss by 3-4.
The first period started off incredibly fast with players furiously tussling over the control of the puck. However, amidst the intense back and forth, the flow of the game was in favor of the YU, having more chances to push for the goal post. Even when KU players were on the offensive, it was quickly shutdown and immediately mainly countered by players Lee Joo Hyung (‘17, Yonsei, CF). YU had more face offs nearer the KU goalpost. This resulted in many crisis for KU, but Lee Yeon Seung (‘14, Physical Education, GK) was firm. Blocking numerous shots from left to right and close to far, he was the anchor that held his team together, even in situations where YU had the power play advantage near the 3 minute mark where 3 from KU was out the rink for minor penalties. Lee Yeon Seung(’14, Physical Education, GK) being the focal point for the team, KU prevailed through constant attack from YU, even leading to counter them immediately after the penalty for 3 was lifted, bringing back the flow of the game to their favor. However, YU was calm making solid defensive maneuvers resulting in no scores for both sides.
The second period had a calmer start than the first. There were no tussles but casual exchange of the puck. There were no major maneuvers. However, after the first faceoff of YU, thinks became quickly heated between both sides. They continuously traded the puck, which were rebounded by the continued blocking of Lee Yeon Seung (‘14, Physical Education, GK). However, KU quickly gained momentum and started to push the game in their favor once again. Repeated shots from KU players followed and YU seemed to lose concentration shown by mistakes from their players, such as swings which was supposed to be a shot, and simple stumbling. It was a much more evenly balanced match than the first period, but the tide quickly turned when Kim Byung Gun (’16, Yonsei, RW) scored in the 7:43 mark after a heated tussle in front of the KU goal post. KU responded with an intense counter, but was put in to danger once again when Kim Do Hyung (’14, Phys Ed, LW) was exempt from the game for minor penalties. Cho Ji Hyun (’15, Yonsei, LW) pressed the power play advantage, scoring again with only 11 seconds remaining on the clock.
The third period was a disaster for KU. KU from the start suffered too much from YU’s relentless push and could not drive the puck out of their side of the rink. KU attempted to counter such onslaught but was hindered due to a pass miss. Such atmosphere seems to have bolstered the YU morale which resulted in a goal by Lee Joo Hyung (‘17, Yonsei, CF). There was no shift in the tide for the rest of the game, and YU’s continued assault materialized into yet another goal by Lee Jong Min (’17, Yonsei. FW). This was quickly followed by yet another score by Lee Chong Hyun (’15, Yonsei, LW). Choi Jin Woo (’16, Physical Education, RD) did succeed in scoring a single goal afterwards on with a minute and 49 seconds remaining but it was too late to change the turnout of the game. KU afterwards made a last resort to remove the goal keeper for another offensive player to no avail.
As KU lost the baseball, basketball, and ice hockey the first day of 2017 Annual Ko-Yon Game ended with a record of 0 wins and 3 losses. Soccer and rugby will be held Mokdong Main Stadium on Saturday.


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