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KU Loses the 2017 Ko-Yon Basketball Game
Song Yeonsoo  |
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승인 2017.09.22  17:49:02
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▲ The 2017 Ko-Yon Basketball Game. Photographed by Kim Ji Won.
KU lost the 2017 Annual Ko-Yon Basketball game held on September 22 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium by scoring 73, while Yonsei scored 83. KU fell behind with a ten-point gap despite their ceaseless efforts in scoring until the last second of the game.
The first quarter of the game started with Yonsei’s scoring of a two-point shoot. After the shoot followed another series of YU’s goals. After an intense continuation of rebounds and fast-paced passed, YU players continued to lead the scores and left a score gap of over ten points. KU caught up by scoring a few goals that included the ones from Kim Nak Hyun (’14, Physical Education, G) the captain and Park Jun Yung (’15, Physical Education, F) that each scored two points and four points.
For the first time since the game had begun, KU seemed to take the lead when Jun Hyun Wu (’15, Physical Education, F) consequently scored three-point shoot which was immediately followed by Kim Nak Hyun’s another three-pointer. Leaving three minutes behind for the first quarter, KU had scored 12.
With Yonsei’s steady play and accurate passes, KU players had missed some rebounds and failed to block Yonsei’s shoots. The first quarter ended in a result of KU scoring 14 and YU 29 with Yonsei scoring their final goal under the net leaving 40 seconds behind.
The first shot of the second quarter was led by Park Jun Yung (’15, Physical Education, F). Jun Hyun Wu (’15, Physical Education, F) had attempted to shoot to continue with the ongoing scoring, however slightly missed. The ball was then passed on to YU which led to a two point shot. Getting the rebound, KU’s Park Jun Yung (’15, Physical Education, F) got another chance at shooting under the net, however, missed again.  While such intense interactions happened back and forth in the court, the cheering was at its height when Kim Nak Hyun (’14, Physical Education, G)’s dribble connected to a pass to Choi Sung Won (’14, Physical Education, G) and immediately led to a three point shoot which settled the score to 33 for YU and 19 for KU.
The second quarter was full of intense moments. Right after, Yonsei shot three points. Then immediately after Park Jun Yung (’15, Physical Education, F) shot two points. Which was followed by Yonsei’s Yun Do Bin (’17, YU, F)’s two-point shoot and another two-point shoot. Such intense and fast-paced back and forth had visibly tired the players out. Jun Hyun Wu (’15, Physical Education, F) ended up falling to the court floor while trying to shoot from the right side of the court. The players changed. Park Jun Yung (’15, Physical Education, F) left and Park Jung Hyun (’16, Physical Education, C) entered in place of him. Likewise, the first half ended with KU scoring 29 and Yonsei scoring 50.
The second half opened with Choi Sung Won (’14, Physical Education, G)’s three-point shoot. Another scoring followed with Choi, which fired the arena up. Due to the intense play of both teams, physical collisions were frequent. Consequently, Jun Hyun Wu was injured and was carried out the court due to severe leg pain. In his place, Kim Yun (’14, Physical Education, F) had entered.
Due to YU’s strong defense, KU did not get the chance to score much until KU started to show a sign of reversal along with Kim Nak Hyun’s resilience under the net. At this point, KU had scored 51 while YU 61. The third quarter concluded with both YU and KU’s team scoring two more points respectively.
With much encouragement from the roaring crowd, KU had taken on the final quarter with a ten-point gap. However, there were few signs of reversal as Yonsei had caught up each time the KU players had scored. Consequently, without turning the game over, the match had ended with 83:73, with YU’sKim Jin Wung (’14, YU, C)scoring his final shot 24 minutes before the buzzer went off.
KU players had given their best until the last second of the game. Moreover, the crowd was supportive even when YU’s victory was foreseen. Such support had made the 2017 Ko-Yon Basketball game memorable despite the loss.
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