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KU Cheering Leader’s Physical Collision
Song Yeonsoo  |
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승인 2017.09.22  00:14:02
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▲ KU Cheerleaders during the Annual Ko-Yon Games. Photographed by the Granite Tower.

On September 15, during the joint cheering orientation held at the Yonsei University’s (YU) No Cheon Theater, a member of the Korea University (KU) Cheerleaders has physically assaulted another member of the Yonsei cheerleading squad, Blue Knight. The assault took place when Yonsei’s cheering song, Yonsei Rapping started to ring in the arena.

It happened as the member of the KU Cheerleaders was trying to put a restraint on the flag cheering of YU. Along with the restraint, the KU student has slapped the right cheek of the YU student. After KU’s cheering song ended, there was collision within the pre-planned choreographic positions of the KU and YU student. When the next music started to play before the confusion was settled, the KU student verbally warned the YU student and raised her arm to stop the YU student’s flag choreography. Such action of restraint has eventually led to the physical collision. However due to no set regulations on the punishment, the KU student is not to be punished.
The student from the KU Cheerleaders was criticized for her irresponsible response as to denying her action throughout the course of the violence. Owning up to the way in which the KU student had dealt with the result of her actions, the KU Cheerleaders has officially published a statement of apology on its Facebook page on August 21 saying, “We are sorry for causing such disgraceful problems.” Although much criticism has been thrown at them, their attempt in the apology will contribute in creating a respectful spirit for the long held varsity culture of both universities during the upcoming Annual Ko-Yon Games this week.
Update: The KU student responsible for the assault resigned from her position within KU Cheerleaders. KU Cheerleaders also promised to reinforce their internal set regulations regarding punishment.
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