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T-Direct Interview App for KU Students
Song Yeonsoo  |
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승인 2017.09.05  12:01:40
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▲ The front page of the app, T-Direct Interview. Provided by Google Play.
The Korea University (KU) Career Development Center created a new application, T-Direct Interview. It was released on August 10 for purchase on Google Play Stores and App Stores in the hopes of facilitating the employment process for the KU students. The Career Development Center also held a promotional event for two weeks from September 1 to 14, requesting students to download the app and submit a piece of reflection about the program.
The app prepares students for real-life interview situations. The students can have access to useful interview tips and at the same time can post model training footages such as videos or scripts. In return, their respective professors will give them feedback upon it. Additionally, because the app is in alliance with actual companies, it can provide students with practical employment data.
Moreover, the digital bulletin board provides students with soft copies of campus wall posters, employment brochures, as well as other offline notices that students could have missed. The push alarm function allows the users to get phone notices upon school events as well as add those events onto the phone calendar. The users can participate in the online community that provide interview, résumé and other employment tips.  
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