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Flipping the Bias on Parties—Partyproviders
By Lee Jae Hee  |
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승인 2017.05.02  01:28:50
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▲ Partyproviders’ gallery party titled Love Actually. Provided by Partyproviders.
It is no exaggeration to say that college is an ideal for many high school students. Many students enter college full of anticipation experiencing a new entertainment culture, making them feel the sense of true freedom. When they become college students, however, the reality is that they mostly just waste their time in a hedonistic way, as represented by the drinking culture. Partyproviders is a club aiming to become a pioneer of university culture, creating a new paradigm of providing joy and excitement through the various cultural events it project
Partyproviders is an intercollegiate party and culture planning club of Korea University (KU). Partyproviders was established in the fall of 2006, and is now in its eleventh year. As KU’s first culture planning club, Partyproviders tries to break away from the monolithic party and provide a variety of cultural contents. Partyproviders’ main activity is organizing and hosting parties which break the ordinary. These include gallery parties and special theme parties.
The club’s signature activity is the gallery parties held for the past four semesters. For its second gallery party, Partyproviders teamed with tattooists to host a tattoo-themed party. Partyproviders President Kim Da Eul (’16, English Education) said this was the most innovative event the club has put on. Other gallery party themes have been meeting Facebook illustration artists, surrealism—at which various videos and neon signs were displayed, and love actually, a gallery that exhibited posters and pictures of people.
Partyproviders does not limit its interest to parties—it is also concerned with improving the quality of college culture. Partyproviders introduces students to various kinds of cultural events on its Facebook page and participates in hosting many cultural activities. As a member of the University Cultural Planning Team Association (UPA), which is made up of 11major university clubs in Seoul, including Seoul National University (SNU)’s Veritas, and Yonsei University (YU)’s Ziany, it takes part in UPA’s activities such as the Rainbow Island Concert and World Disk Jockey(DJ) Festival as well as helping to design a cultural events calendar. Furthermore, Partyproviders also cooperates with other clubs of KU. It has twice collaborated with KU’s DJing club, SNAP. Last year, Partyproviders even co-hosted a party with the KU Buddy Assistants (KUBA).
Partyproviders has changed its basic organization configuration recently. Before, Party providers consisted of the following four teams: Playing Providers, Lifestyle Providers, Art Providers, and New Providers. Now, Partyproviders has three teams, according to duties, which are Creative Imaginers, Alliance Managers, and Promotional Engineers. Creative Imaginers is a team that conceives of the differentiated contents of Partyproviders. Creative imaginers seeks for socalled idea banks. It suggests and selects the theme and designs events for the party, which is the core of party planning. Going through an idea conference and gathering the opinions in the plenary meeting is also its duty.
The Alliance Managers is a team that contributes toim proving the quality of the party by contacting external companies in planning the event. This is the team in charge of receiving sponsorship of the essential menus, props, and drinks as well as seeking out the venue for the event. Since Alliance Managers has to make proposal documents and contact enterprises, fluent speakers who are meticulous will fit right to this team. The third team, the Promotional Engineers, handles on-and-off-line marketing of Partyproviders, including posting and promoting club events on Social Network Services (SNS). This team looks for students who can come up with trendy and eye-catching phrases and posters.
The main source of pride for Partyproviders is the close relationships between its members. The members of Partyproviders always say that they think of each other as a family. The key to the close relationship between Partyproviders is its regular Friday night meetings that take place from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Partyproviders has its regular meetings in KU, through which the members prepare for its scheduled events.
▲ Gallery party on surrealism hosted by Partyproviders. Provided by Partyproviders.
Through regular meetings, the members eagerly exchange opinions about the parties they want to design. Each member’s opinion is respected, which enables the diverse characters to come into one. Furthermore, these gatherings are not the tedious static gatherings many people might imagine. Partyproviders’ meetings are sometimes held off-campus, for example at the Han River. These intriguing and lively meetings are one of the experiences many Partyproviders members look forward to during their club lives.
Of course, not everything goes as planned. Jo Min Kyeong (’16, English Education), the vice president of Partyproviders, talked about the talk concert the club planned last semester which ended up being miscarried. Partyproviders pictured people who could be a motivation to the twenties to come to the talk concert and give speeches. However, few accepted the club’s invitation and some who did, asked to be paid, which the club could not afford to do. As a result, the efforts to open a talk concert came to naught. “Along with the talk concert incident, there are many projects that face financial problems. We hope that one day, we will be able to go on with these projects,” Jo added.
Partyproviders is open to any student who is enthusiastic about cultural activities. Through the contents that show a strong cultural color, Partyproviders’ ultimate goal is to create a new entertainment and party culture. Parties are no longer rip-roaring, intoxicating get-togethers. The new culture of colleges Partyproviders pursues will open students who are facing problems in the harsh reality to a more productive and at the same time exhilarating experience. Join the new breed of party-makers at Partyproviders.
Recruitment Information
Recruitment Period: March (Spring semester), September (Fall semester)
Requirements: Any student who is interested in culture, regardless of school, major, and age
Contact Information:
- Kim Da Eul 010-3706-2493
- Partyproviders Facebook page partyproviders/
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