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승인 2017.04.05  00:03:37
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ The president of the College of Political Science and Economics speaking before the audience. Photographed by Kim Seung Hyun
On April 4, a number of independent Colleges on the Liberal Arts and Humanities Campus, including the School of Media and Communication and the College of Education, gathered in the Central Plaza to voice their educational demands as part of the Korea University Student Association’s (KUSA) educational rights project Aureum. Before it commenced in earnest, the head of KUSA’s Education Division Park Min Jung (’13, Material Science and Engineering) took to the stage and briefly introduced the event.
The president of the College of Political Science and Economics was the first to stand before the audience. Urging audiences to take back the educational rights that they were deprived of, she proceeded to enumerate the efforts that the College of Political Science and Economics had made to create a healthier educational environment, such as asking for the construction of new bathrooms.
The School of Interdisciplinary Studies was next in line to discuss their demands. Emphasizing the struggle specific to interdisciplinary students, namely being able to decide their major only in their second year, the president of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies called for a better curriculum. He also criticized the tyrannical actions of some professors and reiterated the importance for further action against the perceived injustices of the school administration.
The microphone was then passed on to the president of the Division of International Studies, who expressed his discontent concerning the lack of autonomous spaces where students could study. The scarcity of such spaces was also addressed by the president of the Student Club Union, who fumed over the fact that they were crowded out by the SK Future Hall construction site. Representatives from the School of Media and Communication, the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts consecutively presented their proposals to the audience. They echoed many of the points that were mentioned earlier, especially the demand for autonomous spaces and better curriculums.
Intermittently, KUSA President Lee Seung Jun (’11, Psychology) encouraged students to pay heed not only to the educational issues of their Colleges, but also to those of other Colleges, emphasizing that all KU students share the same fate when it comes to educational rights. During the event, the club Song Garden performed for the audience lest they lose interest in the presentations given by the president of each College. After all the Colleges had their turn, KUSA handed out forms that students could fill out with educational demands. KUSA plans on delivering the content of these forms to the school administration. 


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