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KU App “kupon” Updated to Positive Reviews, More Features Upcoming
Choi Hyunbin  |
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승인 2017.04.03  22:14:35
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▲ Startup screen of the updated kupon application.
Korea University’s (KU) official mobile application“kupon” has been receiving positive reviews from users since its major update on March 29. Updated features include: a new user interface (UI), shuttle bus schedules, campus information, mobile student ID, empty classroom finder, membership benefit cards, among others.“Users seem to be most receptive to the new UI design, shuttle bus schedules, and empty classroom finder,” says kupon development team (Dev-Team) leader Han In Su (’15, Electrical Engineering).
“I’ve found the shuttle bus schedule and empty classroom finder to be the most helpful features in kupon,” says Kuh Hara (’16, Division of International Studies). “I always wanted to use the bus, but because I did not know the exact schedules it was difficult [to use]. The updated kupon shows the exact time when the busses arrive, which was extremely helpful.”
While the application offers much in its current state, several other features are under development. According to Dev-Team leader Han, a notification board is being developed, where Korea University Portal to Information Depository (KUPID) and Korea University Student Association (KUSA) notices will be available at a glance. In addition, efforts are ongoing to have the mobile student ID be valid for official use.
However, these features are only available in Korean. “Currently there are no plans to translate the application,” says Dev-Team leader Han. “Still, we are looking into it, as there have been numerous requests to the development team for translations.”
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