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KUSA Announces Details on Library Renovations
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승인 2017.03.24  23:53:18
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In response to the news on the renovations inthe Central Library, CJ Creator Library and C-Lounge from administrators on February of 2017, Korea University Student Association (KUSA) held surveys to hear from the students of Korea University (KU). The survey, which was conducted from February 13 to February 24, showed that 50.9 percent of KU students were in favor of the construction work, whereas 30 percent were against it. With over half of the students’consent, the administrators of the Central Library held a briefing session on February 27.Based on the opinions of KU students as well as the results of the third meeting of the Library Operation Committee held on March 14, KUSA announced that they had reached consensus on the following aspects.
Regarding the 24-hour reading rooms of the Central Library, the laptop rooms will be opened24/7. Adding on, if the reading rooms were to show elevated utility rates, further adjustments will be made by designating some of the other reading rooms on the first floor to be available 24/7 as well. Along with the construction of the C-Lounge, an additional reading room on the first floor of the Centennial Memorial SAMSUNG Hall, two hundred new lockers will be placed on both the first and the fourth floor of the Centennial Memorial SAMSUNG Hall.Constructions are planned to last through May this year. The C-Lounge will finish its construction by March 29. The 24-hour reading rooms in the Central Library will be opened by April 10 and the CJ Creator Library by May 15 after 49 days of construction work.
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