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Punitive Protocol and Hidden Camera Scandal Punishment Voted Upon
Choi Hyunbin  |
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승인 2017.03.19  20:25:50
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ Student Representative meeting in session. Photographed by Choi Hyunbin.
On March 19, Korea University Student Association (KUSA) convened a temporary Student Representative Meeting in the 4.18 Memorial Hall to discuss disciplinary and preventive measures regarding the hidden camera scandal as well as four amendments to KUSA regulations. The meeting officially commenced when it reached quorum by 1:09 P.M. with 82 of 88 representatives present.
Discussions on disciplinary action against the perpetrator took place from 1:23 P.M. to 5:27 P.M. Representatives reached a consensus that the perpetrator and victim must be physically kept apart, and that the perpetrator should be officially excluded from all activities ranging from KUSA to clubs. However, representatives could not reach agreement on the severity and procedures of the disciplinary action for four hours.
By 5:36 P.M., the debate came to a close without consensus and voting procedures were called. The representatives casted their votes by paper to decide on future protocol on punitive action against criminal actions committed by Korea University (KU) students.
With 70 for, 1 against, and 11 abstaining, the assembly passed a bill outlining a punitive protocol where the perpetrator’s major and last name initial is released through the KUSA homepage and campus wall posters. The KUSA president will be in charge of any additional personal information, and the central steering committee will hold internal discussions to decide whether such information should be released or not.
The assembly later went on to vote on the method and severity of punitive action against the perpetrator of the hidden camera scandal. Student representatives were given five options, of which they had to select one. Their choices were: a) public reprimand and an official statement of apology, b) deprivation of suffrage and right to hold office within KU, and c) exclusion from all activities. Representatives reserved the right to vote against or abstain as well.
At 6:15 P.M., voting procedures were underway. Any one of the choices required a supermajority, or 54 votes to pass. By 6:43 P.M. the third option--complete exclusion from all KU activities (not including classes)--was selected with 64 votes for. The other ballot choices stood at: 4 votes for A, 0 votes for B, 1 vote against, 9 abstentions, and 3 spoilt votes.

The Student Representative meeting later discussed preventative measures against sexual crimes, as well as four other amendments regarding KUSA regulations.


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