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Feminist Group Nanpa Banned from Taking a Course
Lee Arim  |
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승인 2017.03.09  23:53:48
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ A campus wallpaper posted by KUWSA. Provided by the KUWSA.
On March 3, the Department of Geography Education of Korea University (KU) prohibited certain members of the feminist group Nanpa from taking a required course. Through the official Facebook page of the Geography Education, the dean stated, “As the Nanpa incident is still under investigation by the Center for Gender Equality, we have banned certain students from Nanpa taking the Field Research in Geography to ensure that involved parties are physically separated from one another.”
Nanpa is a feminist group founded by some students of Geography Education last November. They explained that its name has a double meaning of orgy and rolling waves, connoting “the spirit of resistance from one-to-one heterosexualism and the oppression on women’s sexuality.” However, the controversy began when student A of the same department raised an objection to the head of the department that it is inappropriate to place the name of the group along with the name of the department.
The head of the department, who was a member of Nanpa herself, delivered student A’s opinion to Nanpa, after which they responded by posting a campus wallpaper, refusing to accept A’s requests. Student A refuted through his Facebook post, while the discussion became overheated online, with extremely insulting comments made to both Nanpa and student A. The situation reached a point where Nanpa’s Facebook page had to be closed and the head of the department faced impeachment.
In response to this debacle, the KU Women Students Association (KUWSA) posted a campus wallpaper entitled, “Our Orgy Will Continue.” It claimed that the dean’s decision is a suppression on feminism and a disregard of procedural legitimacy, treating Nanpa as the offender without proper investigation. 1,103 people have cosigned on the wallpaper by March 8, calling for a feminist solution of the oppression. 
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