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Global Service Center, KU’s Next Step in Foreigner Integration
Choi Hyunbin  |
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승인 2017.03.08  21:58:52
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ Office of the Global Services Center in Central Plaza Basement. Photographed by Choi Hyunbin.
Established in January 2017, Global Services Center (GSC) aims to aid and assist the growing population of foreign students in Korea University (KU). Its office is located at the Centennial Anniversary Samsung Hall side of the Central Plaza Basement.
The Global Services Center offers four counters for quick access and shorter queues, and the staff is fluent in multiple languages, negating concerns for language barriers. According to a staff at the GSC, the office serves about 100 foreign students per day. The office is equipped to aid students with a variety of issues, ranging from in-university issues such as course registration and navigation, to immigration-related issues such as helping foreigners receive their alien registration card (ARC).
The Global Services Center is a welcome addition to life at KU, especially with its large population of foreign students. According to the university, 28,431 students attend KU during 2nd semester of 2016 in its undergraduate and graduate schools, of which 2,301 (8.09 percent) hold foreign passports. Including statistics for exchange students, the figure rises to 3,936 (13.84 percent).
Foreign students’ responses were positive towards this new initiative. GSC offers readily accessible aid, and is comparatively easier to reach than the Office of International Affairs (OIA). “I think it is helpful to have a place that foreign students can come to find a help network,” says Kingston (Biosystems Medical Science).
The GSC can be reached through here:
Tel: 02-3290-5174
Location: Central Plaza Basement, near Centennial Anniversary Samsung Hall


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