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Eumjul Elected as the New KUSA
Jeon Sohyeon  |
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승인 2016.12.10  03:57:43
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

 Eumjul, has officially been elected as the new Korea University Student Association. The running candidates, Lee Seung Jun (’11, Psychology) and Kim Bo Hyeok (’14, Political Science and International Relations), have secured 4855 votes out of 6822 counted votes (24.93% of the eligible voters), thereby becoming the 49th KUSA.

The election of Eumjul also meant that the previous KUSA, Star:zari, was now no longer in office. In his final remarks, Park Se Hoon (’13, Political Science and International Relations), recapped his recent clash with the school regarding the controversial Crimson College issue and thanked all executive staff members for all their hard work by attributing some of the major accomplishments Star:zari made to them. He emphasized the growing importance of a student union and wished that “the new KUSA will be able to connect all members of the Korea University (KU) society.”

The new vice president Kim promised that he will do his best to “keep as many promises made as a part of the campaigns as possible,” and that he will work on “regaining the faith from the students for KUSA.” He also thanked all members of Eumjul for their hard work. The new president Lee also added on to vice president’s Kim speech by saying that he will “work on creating a society that makes the students come closer to KUSA.”

Meanwhile, although the running candidates won the election, there were several talking points during the vote count. Due to missteps taken by the Central Voting Management Committee and the Local Voting Management Committee, 355 votes were rendered invalid and were therefore not counted at all. Lee Seo Ho, the chairperson of the Central Voting Management Committee, and Kim Dong Hyeon, the chairperson of the Local Voting Management Committee, formally apologized for their faults that led to such high number of invalid votes.

Students who wish to raise objections will have 48 hours to do so. 


▲ Photographed by Kim Seung Hyun.
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