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Although KU President Yeom Jae Ho had ambitious plans, year 2016 did not go smoothly. Many changes were brought to campus as well as controversies. The national political topography also led to changes in school policies, such as the future college and aroused student protests regarding President Park Geun-hye. The Granite Tower (GT) summarizes Korea University (KU)’s year 2016.

Abolition of Academic Achievement Scholarships 
▲ Photographed by GT Photo Division.
KU abolished academic achievement scholarships and replaced them with the new Libertas, Justice, and Veritas scholarship program to expand the pool of recipients. However, there were criticisms of the unilateral announcement by the school body, as well as continued concern regarding high tuition.

Crimson College Under Dispute
▲ Photographed by GT Photo Division.
President Yeom announced that the Crimson College, a college devoted to innovative research, was to be established with a goal of enrolling 150 students in 2018. The General Assembly of professors and the student body have expressed their disapproval of the proposal.

Ipselenti “Jiya Hamsung” (Roar of Wisdom and Wildness)
▲ Photographed by GT Photo Division.
The 39th Ipselenti was successfully completed with diverse guests and exciting cheering sessions.

▲ Photographed by GT Photo Division.
π-Ville was constructed behind the Politics and Economic Building. It was President Yeom’s idea to provide a space where students can plan and realize business ideas, but although the opening ceremony was conducted in September it still has not opened.

Cyber Sexual Violence
▲ Provided by
Cyber Sexual Violence by KU students was revealed by a group of victims. The savageness of the issue shocked not only the campus but Korean society.

Admission Fees Protest
▲ Photographed by GT Photo Division.
KUSA Star:zari held protests against high admission fees. KU has highest admission fees among Korean universities.

The Annual Ko-Yon Games
▲ Photographed by GT Photo Division.
2016 Ko-Yon Games ended with the victory of KU once again. KU beat Yonsei University (YU) in baseball and soccer, lost in rugby and tied in basketball and ice hockey.

The Declaration of State of Affairs
▲ Photographed by GT Photo Division.
KUSA as well as the students of KU finally made a belated Declaration of State of Affairs after the
resolution of the impeachment crisis.

Students’ General Assembly Held
▲ Photographed by GT Photo Division.
Students’ General Assembly was held successfully at the Central Plaza, with over 2,000 KU students participating in the event.
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