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What Makes You Beautiful
Park Min Jeong  |
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승인 2016.12.01  18:26:07
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In one’s eyes, someone who is as pretty as a doll or who has clear-cut features may be considered beautiful. Others may regard a sweet and kind-hearted person as beautiful. There is no single standard for beauty since people live by different ideals that should be respected at all times. The Granite Tower (GT) asked four Korea University (KU) students to identify the most beautiful person they know and explain why.


The moment I was asked about the most beautiful person, the first person that immediately came to mind was my mom. She is with no doubt the most important person who has supported me throughout hard times and who helps me to be my authentic self. Whenever I feel depressed and need help, she is the one I talk to about my thoughts, worries, and anxieties. With all her knowledge and wisdom, she offers solutions and helps me become confident enough to cope with my problems. The reason my mom is the most beautiful person I know is because she loves me no matter what. Even at times that many would consider depressing or hopeless and in situations that many parents would not support their child, she loves me as I am and has faith in me. I believe the warmth she has makes her the most beautiful person I know.
Hwang Jae Wook (’15, English Language and Literature)

Everyone has a different way of defining the term beauty. If the term is described as something that looks good and attractive, I believe that people who try hard to achieve that beauty are considered beautiful. A person may have an ideal type in his or her mind. If he or she tries very hard to become similar to that ideal type, then that person is beautiful. For example, a guy who admires people with a fit body would go to the gym and work out everyday so that he could also have that type of body. I believe that everyone can become beautiful if they try hard because that effort they put in to achieve their goal is what makes them beautiful.
Kang Byung Gu (’13, Food and Resource Economics)

I have met many people in my life, but I believe that those who endlessly work hard and challenge themselves are the most beautiful people. In this sense, entertainer Lee Seung Gi is the most beautiful person to me. Although he started off as a singer, he is also distinguished in many other fields such as reality programs, dramas, movies, and has even worked as a show host. I believe that his relentless efforts have made him who he is today. In the TV reality show One Night and Two Days, he was told that he was not a good cook. Afterwards, he learned cooking on his own and made delicious food. Moreover, he has acrophobia but he has overcome this fear and successfully completed his airborne training during his military service. As such, Lee Seung Gi is beautiful not only because he is good-looking but because he always tries to make improvements by constantly challenging himself.
Lee Yu Rim (’12, Biotechnology)

Choosing only one person is quite a difficult task but I would say my mother. My mother means the world to me. She has always supported me in everything I do and encouraged me to follow my own path regardless of what others think. She even let me, her youngest daughter, come to South Korea, a country 9,000 kilometers away from her. I came to Korea to expand my horizons and I am glad my mom let me. I will always be thankful to her for that.
Julie Costa (’16, School of Media and Communication)
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