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Things We Do To Keep Our Sanity
Maeng Jun Ho  |
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승인 2016.06.05  08:55:04
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Do you ever feel like you are running around in circles, doing the same things over and over again on a daily basis? Yes, our routines provide a sense of stability in our lives, but being trapped in the same lifestyle pattern can be maddening at times. However, doing something crazy every now and then is the only way to stop ourselves from literally going crazy in the head. From a spontaneous trip to getting a tattoo, we all need to let go of our inhibitions once in a while and do whatever comes to our mind on the spur of the moment.



The craziest thing I did in my life was dying my hair red before the Ko-Yon Games. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but I never had the courage to get it done. Just before the Ko-Yon Games, with a bit of alcohol in my blood stream, I just walked into a hair salon and told the hair-dresser to dye my hair RED! It wasn’t a big deal in Anam but the moment I went to other areas in Seoul, I remember everyone on the streets giving me a weird look. It was definitely a nice way to break away from my routine. My next goal is getting a random tattoo after getting really drunk with my friends.

Kwak Young Hoon ('11, International Studies)



The most memorable thing I've done to spontaneously break away from my routine life took place last year in Hawaii. It was a Thursday night and I was studying with my friends. Suddenly, we realized that the assignments we were working on weren't even due until the following week. We drove to a beach outside of town and we ran across the moonlit bay barefoot and chased each other while screaming and laughing. Exhausted, we finally laid on our backs to stare at the stars and talk about life. Of course, the night was made complete when we stopped by a McDonalds to buy burgers and fries to satisfy our late night cravings.

Keoni Williams (Exchange studnet from University of Hawaii)



Two years ago, I impulsively bought a plane ticket to France right before finals. Within a month, I prepared a trip to six European countries without booking any accommodation in four of them. Although it was my first time going on a trip abroad, I decided to go by myself to have some alone time and visit my foreign friends from Korea University Buddy Assistants (KUBA). Tired from work and school, I really needed a break from my life in Korea. The good thing was that my European friends took really good care of me. In the end, nothing was stolen and I got lost every now and then, but I was still able to return to Korea safe and sound.

Bae Jihyon ('12, Sociology)



In my last year of high school, my friends and I made this group called Sinchon Explorers, and we walked to the most random places in Seoul every Friday, looking for fun. We would hang out in dark alleys, street markets, and playgrounds. One time, we walked into a supermarket and played with shopping carts with our hands tied behind our back. To top it off, we went on a drinking spree around the Han River and almost got into a fight with some strangers. Looking back, it seems silly and immature, but these reckless adventures gave me a breath of fresh air to escape from the stressful reality.

Shin Dong Ha ('15, Political Science and International Relations)


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