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After a hard day, the smiles of innocent children blow away all the everyday worries and stress in a moment. Children, who are closest to birth, are undoubtedly vulnerable in the ruthless adult world, and that is why they should be loved and cared for. Even when the photographers of The Granite Tower (GT) went to the Seoul Forest, it was the laughter of these two children who made the reporters press the shutter button without pause. Even though watching a child grow into an adult is a long journey, it is definitely worth it.

Written by Lee So Young
The three happy girls smile blissfully at the reporter. Though they may not be aware, they live in the time to which a lot of adults yearn to go back. Someday, when they become adults and reflect on their school days, they will miss the days of their youth. They will not forget the feeling of the breeze coming through the window and sound from the school playground.
Written by Lee Ji Hoon 
The 20s marks the end of childhood and birth of adulthood. Immature and mature at the same time, they take cautious but palpitating steps toward what many call reality. On the weekend of Seoul Forest, their cheeks blushed with the rest after a long day. Whether they are together or alone, the presence of the 20s ripens as the leaves turn crimson and yellow.
Written by Lee Hye Jin
It would be sheer bliss for anyone to be gifted with a life-long companion, someone who loves him and brings pure happiness just by the company. Marriage comes into play here, which can be defined as a life long journey with a partner and a start of something new. The two in the picture look happier than any other person in this world. They love each other not because they want to be happy but because they are happy.
Written by Suh Jae Hee
As they walked on the vast pile of the yellow and crimson leaves, the middle-aged couple sensed a gust of feeling gliding past them, a feeling of responsibility and burden they must soon bear called childcare. However, these two are not concerned nor are they feeling overwhelmed by the incoming load. Instead, they are instilled with the joyful and spirited breeze which comes from the laughter and happiness of their offspring.
Written by Lim Jae Heun
The lush and verdant trees that once brightly decked the streets of Seoul cannot avoid their fate of going through fall, during which they shed most of their leaves onto the very ground they stood on. The end of something does not always indicate the death of something, as every step of the seemingly endless journey of life is as beautiful and majestic as the step before. Peacefully savoring the very moment they are in, the senior citizens slowly march through the once-verdurous foliage of autumn and into their lives.
Written by Lim Jae Heun
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