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The Flip Side of Throw-outs
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승인 2015.10.03  21:44:37
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Trash is ubiquitous. We see them, create them, and discard them every single day. Yet we do not know what happens after they become wanderers in the trash can. The Granite Tower (GT) Photo Division paid a visit to the Gangnam Environmental Resource Center to discover the sceneries behind waste disposal, and other meaningful values that can be found in throw-outs.



▲ Tin cans displayed on the wall. Photographed by Lim Jae Heun


▲ The blurred image of the globe with shades of green, yellow, blue, and purple portrays our beautiful planet Earth. Photographed by Lee Dawoon


▲ Would it be a surprise to know that the ocean part of the globe is filled with tin cans, while the land part is actually stuffed with colored plastic pieces? Photographed by Lim Jae Heun


▲ The ceiling lightings are uniquely designed with recycled glass bottles. Photographed by Lee Dawoon


▲ This art piece of a snake is finished by putting together pieces of keyboard parts. Photographed by Lee So Young


▲ Old records are not just useless remnants of the past. It can transform itself into a new art piece. Photographed by Lee So Young


▲ Deers made up of nickel-silver pots. Photographed by Lee Dawoon


▲ Praying mantis made up of machine parts and kettles. Photographed by Lee So Young


▲ Plastics that need special classification are manually separated on the conveyor belt. Photographed by Lee Dawoon


▲ An employee sorting out rods. Photographed by Lee Dawoon


▲ Garbages are gathered by trucks, piled up in one place, and distinguished afterwards. Gangnam Environmental Resource Center is where all wastes of Gangnam district are gathered and treated. Photographed by Lee Dawoon

▲ Trash stacked on top of each other in a lot. Photographed by Lim Jae Heun
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