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KU's Goddess of Victory, FC Elise
Lee Ji Hoon  |
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How attractive are women when they enjoy sports! There is a women sports team that play a leading role in victory at Korea University (KU). The club they belong to is FC ELISE. They are passionate and enthusiastic. If you look closer, you will feel their sincere love for sports, especially soccer.


▲ Competing for a ball. Photographed by Lee Dawoon.
In the autumn of 2007, a professor suggested establishing a soccer team only for female students, which became the FC ELISE. The professor wanted female students to be as active in sports as male students. Their first game was a T-Ball game, a modified type of baseball for beginners. Although the creation of FC ELISE was somewhat improvised, they still got excellent results in competition. They came in third place in the T-Ball tournament, and two weeks later, they came in third at a female college student soccer tournament. At that time, they participated in a variety of sports, such as soccer, and volleyball. 
▲ Coaches are teaching to use space. Photographed by Lee Dawoon.
However, the team now plays only soccer. The club was established mainly with students majoring in Physical Education. Now, however, students of other majors can also join the club. FC ELISE consists of a director, three coaches, and 25 players. The club’s purpose is to increase physical strength, develop friendships, and gain a sense of accomplishment of being a female student through cooperation within the team. By practicing regularly and participating in competitions, they have accomplished these goals.
FC ELISE has regular practices from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. on Mondays and from 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. on Thursdays. Matches are usually held on the weekends. When a competition period approaches, they practice more, three times a week. Kim Do Yeong (’14, Physical Education), the captain of FC ELISE, explained that trainings in the morning are focused more on the rules of the games and to the get the hang of playing the real game by using the entire field. During the second half of practice, they have individual shooting practice. 
▲ The team members are discussing about game strategies. Photographed by Lee Dawoon.
During the evening practices, they exercise to improve ball keeping and ball control skills. On Thursdays, the Basketball Gym in the Sports Hall is always full of exuberant, healthy energy. They begin their training by running five laps in the gym. After that, they do more warm up followed by pairing up with a partner and practicing basic skills such as passing and trapping by using foot or knees or head and shoulder. After this, they learn throwing and invading space from the coaches. Finally, they end their training by playing futsal. All members are vigorous in training, moving quickly and exercising seriously. However, they do not forget the healthy laughter.
▲ Laughters in gym. Photographed by Lee Dawoon.
Kim said that one of the advantages of the club is the coaches. They are usually male students from the Physical Education, but the team recruits students of other majors as well. The coaches’ role in the club is mostly to support the players. They help with training by teaching them movements and details. They also take care of the equipment and similar tasks when players practice or participate in a match. Lee Woo lim (’13, Physical Education), who is the club’s coach, said, “I joined FC ELISE as a coach because a woman’s soccer club seemed so unfamiliar to me. I admire and respect their eagerness to learn and their strong spirit in practices.”
Kim feels great about being the chief member of FC ELISE, especially when the members work hard at practices and their skills improve. When asked about her most memorable incident with the club, Kim said, “When we went to Gapyeong for a competition, despite the tremendously cold weather, all the members played very hard with clenching teeth. I can still remember their faces and spirit.”
▲ Players are warming up before playing. Photographed by Lee Dawoon
Kim Hoiin (’14, International Studies) said, “At first, I hesitated in front of a ball. However, now I feel it was worth to practice during my two semesters. From the activities in the soccer club, I have been challenged in various areas and have become full of energy in my life.” When asked about the club’s atmosphere, she said, “We develop deep friendship while working and sweating together. Sometimes we hang out together, have wrap-up parties and watch sports games. We are like a family.”
▲ Practice of throwing. Photographed by Lee Dawoon.
Although there are many glorious and happy moments, there are also strenuous ones. First, it is very hard to reserve the Green Field. At KU, there are not enough facilities to play sports, even though there are many sports club. Thus, FC ELISE can only use the Green Field during early mornings and, in the afternoon, they use the Basketball Gym instead. Due to this, they suffer from some limitations at actual practice. It is better to practice on the field feeling wind, the touch of the wide lawn, than on the floor in gym.
However, they overcome these problems with their passion and enthusiasm. Their successful results in women soccer competitions have been made possible because of teamwork and faith. Kim said, “While going through exercises, what I felt as a chief is that members passionately participate beyond imagination. To reward those ardors, we try even harder every day.” FC ELISE is the only soccer club in KU exclusively for women. Do you want to run the green field with the healthy, ardent and beautiful women? Do you want to be KU’s goddess of victory? Then, FC ELISE is the answer for you!


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